Congradulations on having a fifth grade student and the milestone your family is coming upon as you leave ELEMENTARY and head into MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Our fabulous team of 5th grade teachers has put together great information to help keep parents up to date on the activities prepared to celebrate the accomplishments and great learning the 5th graders have worked hard for.  If you have any questions about any 5th grade activities, please contact any 5th grade teacher.

5th Grade Timeline

1/17/17    Parent letters sent home      Parent Letter for End of the Year Activities

1/31/17 Grade 5 Yearbook Dedications Due

2/3/17  Payment #1 Due  $35  Cost of Activities and Payment Information

2/22/17 River Ridge Cirruiculum Night 5:30pm at River Ridge Middle School RRMS Curriculum Night

3/3/17 Payment #2 Due $35

4/7/17 Payment #3 Due $30

5/5 Final Payments $30

5/23/17 Grade 5 Field Day    Approved Parent Volunteers Needed

5/24/17 Busch Gardents Field Trip  Approved Parent Volunteers Needed

5/25/17 Practice for Ceremony at Cypress

5/25/17 Pizza Party and Yearbook Signing  Approved Parent Volunteers Needed

5/25/17 Clap-out at dismissal time.  Parents may stand out-side the gates by the PreK Playground.  If taking student home, please sign-out with teacher.

5/25/17 6:30pm Moving-on Ceromony at River Ridge Middle High School Auditorium.







5th Grade Moving On Ceremony