Congratulations on having a 5th grade student and the milestone your family is coming upon as you leave ELEMENTARY and head into MIDDLE SCHOOL!  Our fabulous team of 5th grade teachers has put together fun activities to celebrate the accomplishments and great learning the 5th graders have worked hard for.  If you have any questions about any 5th grade activities, please contact any 5th grade teacher.

May 22  Busch Gardens Field Trip  8:00AM- 5:30PM

May 23   Outdoor Fun on Recess Field and Basketball Court 10:00AM011:15AM

May 24     Moving On Practice 10:00AM at Cypress Elementary

                   Pizza Party/Yearbook Signing/Clap Out  3:00PM-3:40PM at Cypress Elementary

                   Moving On Ceremony at River Ridge Auditorium 6:00PM