Cypress Cub Cafe


Cypress Elementary School’s Cub Cafe Serves Breakfast & Lunch Everyday!

Breakfast free to all students!  

Full Price Lunch: $2.50  

Reduced Lunch 40-cents

Apply for Free/Reduced Meals, School Menus, and more!




Parents and Guardians are welcome to eat lunch with their student either at the designated “family” lunch table in the cafeteria or in the butterfly garden. Adult lunch can be purchased for $4.00. Only those people listed on the student’s information or emergency card will be permitted to have lunch with only that student. If you would like a friend or classmate to join you and your student at the family table or butterfly garden, a note from the friend’s parent or guardian is required. As with all other visitors, you must first be checked into the Raptor system at the front office before going to the cafeteria or butterfly garden.

Smart Snack Menu

Does your child have a birthday coming up?  Here is a easy, economical fun way to celebrate!  Out café has many themed party snack options, along with a Healthy Party Cart that can be purchased through the students lunch account, and delivered directly to the classroom.  To get you interested, you could order a Cupcake party for only $10, delivered directly to the classroom.  For more information, please contact our Cafeteria Manager Laurel Hubbard 727-774-4500  or email

Smart Snack Theme Parties

Florida Department of Education Family Engagement
Read Write Think A Reading and Language Arts Resource

logoYour trusted reading and language arts resource—in and out of school. Looking for engaging ways to introduce your child to reading or to encourage your teen to write? Need some age-appropriate book suggestions or rainy day activities? The materials here are your answer—all of them created by experts to be fun, educational, and easy to use outside of school.


Homework Help

1708055_origThink Central – Math and Science – Go Math!  What is my child doing in class? Many at home activities for students and parents.

Learn Zillion– A complete collection of math resources includes approximately 1200 task-based lesson plans and more than 3000 math video lessons and related resources for 2nd through 12th grade. Sign-up for a free PARENT account.

Kids Science (fun mad lib games, reading, and math)



Florida PBS Learning Media



PBS LearningMedia™ provides educators with strategies, tools, and professional development resources needed to fully utilize digital learning. It offers schools, districts, and states a cost-effective solution for seamless media integration and customization, including:

  • State standards alignment
  • Robust user management
  • Comprehensive analytics
  • Content management system



Commom Sense Media: A Home-to-School Program


Educate Families: A Home-to-School Program

Common Sense Media believes in strong partnerships between home and school. That’s why we’ve designed a FREE program to help parents and caregivers navigate and discuss the impact of digital media on kids’ social, emotional, and intellectual development.  Using resources based on ourK-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum, educators and parents, together, can empower young people to harness the power of the Internet and digital technology for learning and life — both in the classroom and at home.

FLORIDA STANDARDS: College and Career Ready
Levels of Aggression and Bullying


images-1     Levels of Aggression and Bullying