Welcome to Cypress Elementary!

We are the Cypress Cubs!

School Hours: 9:20 AM – 3:30 PM

Students will be entering the building at 9:05 AM.  Instruction begins at 9:20 AM.

Mission Statement

Cypress Elementary School is a learning community dedicated to develop resilient, lifelong learners

who will work towards reaching their highest potential.

A Tradition of Education and Community!

Cypress Elementary has proudly educated and served the New Port Richey community for over 40 years! Our school includes Kindergarten through 5th grade and has an average enrollment of 700 students. Our campus is nestled inside the Tanglewood subdivision, but also serves portions of the Golden Acres, Bass Lake, River Ridge, Moon Lake Estates, Crescent Forest, Hidden Lake Estates, and Waters Edge communities.The majority of our 5th grade students move on to attend River Ridge Middle School for grades 6th through 8th and River Ridge High School for grades 9th through 12th.

Cubbie is our mascot and our school color is green!                                    


2023-2024 PTO Board of Directors

Presidents Cindy O’Connell and Debbie Hemby     Vice Presidents Sara Leeper and Emily Miller                          Secretary Tara Fielding       Treasurer  Brandy Ferguson     
     School Principal Jeanne Krapfl 

Mission Statement

Cypress Elementary PTO’s focus is to plan and organize functions that; encourage Parental Involvement, enhance family interactions, support academic growth, acknowledge student achievement, support staff, enhance school grounds,  and most importunately promote school spirit, school pride and good citizenship.

PTO Membership

Your membership helps support special school events, classroom items, student and teacher incentives, and so much more!   

What is the PTO?

PTO stands for Parent-Teacher Organization. This is a group consisting of parents, family members, teachers, and members of the community working together to enhance family interactions.

Who can be a PTO member?

For $10 any parent, family member, teacher, or community member can join and get involved!

Will I be expected to volunteer?

Sending in your PTO membership does not obligate or require you to volunteer! Of course, any time you share is very appreciated, but is not required. For each PTO sponsored event, the PTO Board will send out a request for volunteers, but you are not expected or required to volunteer. We understand that your time is valuable. If you are able to share it with us we are greatly appreciative, but if you are not we understand and still hope to see you and your families enjoying PTO sponsored events and activities!

Please consider joining the Cypress Elementary PTO!





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Map to Cypress





School Boundaries

The District School Board of Pasco County offers a few different ways to determine where your child should attend school according to your residential address.

If you know your exact house number, street name, city and zip code, you can do an address search here: Search BoundariesThis will tell you which elementary, middle and high school children in your home are zoned to attend.

Note: Be careful if your street name ends with avenue (AV) or loop (LP) as these abbreviations may be different then what you normally use. Also, if you submit your address in the boundary search and are NOT provided your zoned schools, try again without using road name abbreviations. 


If you are unable to find your address or have other questions regarding school  boundaries,  you may contact the District School Board of Pasco County’s Planning Services Department at: (727) 774-7970.

CLICK HERE to register a student.             

If you have questions about school registrations, please reach out to:

Eileen Freeman, DEO Phone:  727-774-4506  Email:    efreeman@pasco.k12.fl.us

Debbie Hemby, School Secretary Phone: 727-774-4500  Email: dburd@pasco.k12.fl.us 

*Students entering kindergarten for the first time must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, for that school year.*


Absences If your child has been absent, you have a few options in how to notify the school and have the absence considered to be excused. You may:

  1. Report Absence On-line
  2. Send in a note on the day your child returns to school and have it include: student name, ID/lunch number, date(s) of absence, parent’s school time contact number, parent’s email address, explanation/reason for absence.
  3. Email your child’s teacher with an explanation and include student name, ID/lunch number, date(s) of absence, and parent’s school time contact number.
  4. Provide a dated Doctor’s note with student’s name and date(s) of absence.

You are not required to call the school the morning of an absence, but if your child is absent an excessive amount of days without notification, the teacher, school social worker, or other staff member may contact you to determine the reason for the absences. Absences of THREE OR MORE CONSECUTIVE DAYS require a note from the doctor to be excused. If you have questions regarding the District School Board of Pasco County’s attendance policy, please refer to the school handbook and Code of Student Conduct, located in Student Planners.  

Transportation Information

Transportation Call Center 813-320-2562 

For the safety and well-being of your child, we do not encourage dismissal changes during the school day.  If an emergency arises during the school day and a change must be made, please call the school office.

District School Buses

Most bus stop locations will remain the same each school year.  During the first several weeks of the school year, morning pick-up and afternoon student drop-off times will vary.  Once all students who will normally ride buses begin to use bus service daily, and new routines are established, designated times may be observed. 

We understand and sympathize with schedule disruptions. Please remember our PRIMARY GOAL is to ensure safe transportation between the school and your student’s correct bus stop.

Car Rider

Car Rider Procedures

Rainy Day Dismissal

Delays in bus departures can be expected during inclement weather.  If the alternate dismissal is called, students remain in classrooms and are loaded one bus at a time.

Temporary Changes in Arrival or Dismissal

Cypress Elementary continues to require written notification of a child’s change of arrival and dismissal . A temporary change must be made in writing and include the reason for the change (i.e. childcare, etc). This can be done by writing a note in your child’s planner or emailing your child’s teacher from an email address familiar to the teacher. If the teacher does not recognize the email address as that of a parent or guardian or the email is not received in a timely manner (at least one day prior to the change) no change in transportation will be made. Please understand, last minute changes may not be feasibly accommodated; timely planning and consistency is needed for the safety of your child.

Permanent Change in Arrival or Dismissal

Permanent and long-term transportation changes must be done in one of two ways: in person at the front office (please have a photo ID with your name with you), or send in a written note with your child.

Please Note: Any change in residence address requires proof of residence.  A new bus pass will NOT be issued until proof of residence is received by the front office.


Healthy School Team

Under the New Student Wellness Policyhst, all schools are required to have a Healthy School Team.  This team must consist of specific stakeholders, and is charged with ensuring school fundraisers (involving food products) and the consumption of food items on campus follow Smart Snack Standards.

Cypress Elementary Healthy School Meeting Dates

9/8/23, 11/3/23, 2/2/24, 5/3/24  Meeting Time:  2:00 PM

Pasco County Schools Student Wellness Page


School Choice If a parent wants their child to attend a school other than their zoned school, they must apply for School Choice through the District School Board of Pasco County’s Office of Educational Choice. The Office of Educational Choice can be found at the district’s website.   School Choice Application Have More Questions? If you have questions regarding School Choice, please contact the Office of Educational Choice at (813) 794-2686 or email schoolchoice@pasco.k12.fl.us. 

Cypress Cub Expectations

5 PBIS Essentials for Families

Expectations Classroom Expectations Cafeteria Expectations Hallway Expectations Restroom Expectations Bus Expectations Recess Expectations
Care for and respect self, others and school property. Treat others how you want to be treated. Use materials for intended purpose Speak quietly and stay in a straight and orderly lunch line. Clean up after yourself. Walk in a quiet line and be considerate of other classrooms. Keep bathroom safe and CLEAN. Speak quietly and act respectfully to the bus driver and other students. Play with good sportsmanship.
Understand our responsibilities. Come prepared and be actively engaged. Get everything you need when going through the line; have your lunchbox with you. Raise your hand if you need help. Go directly to your assigned destination. Wash hands, flush toilet, throw paper towels in trash. Be at bus stop on time; know your bus number; be a helpful rider Clean up loose items; line up quickly and quietly on time.
Be safe and keep hands, feet, objects to yourself. Solve problems with words. Stay seated; walk at all times; only touch and eat your own food. Walk with your hands by your side. Act appropriately. Respect personal space. Sit quietly; stay seated in assigned seats at all times. Seatbelts on, if present. Follow directions on the playground.


We have been recognized by the FLPBIS Project as a 2020-2021 PBIS Model School! As a PBIS Model School, we are committed to the effective implementation of PBIS and strive for positive and equitable outcomes for all students.


Congratulations Cypress! Another succussful school year for our Cypress Cubs!! 2018-19 Golden School Award. 39 Years Receiving the Golden School Award!                       

The Florida Department of Education presents the Golden and Silver School Awards to recognize exemplary programs, which promote parent and community involvement in education.
ribbon-gold-150x150Florida PBIS Model School Award
A Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports: Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (PBIS:MTSS) Model School is one that has met specific criteria and has reported innovative, creative, and functional ways of supporting PBS:MTSS. Specific characteristics of PBIS:MTSS Model Schools are their consistent methods of: (1) utilizing their data to better serve the students and staff, (2) teaching PBIS:MTSS to new students throughout the school year, (3) creative and engaging reward systems, (4) extending PBS:MTSS throughout the campus and partnering with the community and parents, and (5) including PBS:MTSS into daily activities across all available teaching opportunities.





What is a School Success Plan?
Strategies and steps that a school will utilize to raise student achievement. A plan may involve new programs, more assistance for students, new curricula and/or teacher training.
Florida Public Schools are required to notify all stakeholders that the School Success Plan, updated annually, is available for viewing on the School Web Page.

CES School Success Plan 23_24.docx

Student Records

School & Interagency Requests Schools receiving and enrolling students from Cypress Elementary School and agencies with an active interagency agreement with the District School Board of Pasco County may sent requests and release of records to the Cypress Elementary Data Entry Operator or fax to (727) 774-4591. Location of Records & How to Request Copies Student records are retained by the Pasco County school the student last attended only until five years after a student graduates or was intended to graduate from high school. If you believe records are still in the custody of Cypress Elementary and would like to request copies, your request must be made in writing and include the following:

  • Student’s full legal name (and if different, the legal name while enrolled in Cypress Elementary School),
  • Student’s Pasco County School identification number,
  • Student’s date and place of birth,
  • Last 4 digits of the student’s social security number,
  • Full legal name of the person making the request,
  • Statement of the relationship between the student and the person making the request,
  • The reason for the request,
  • The address to which the records should be sent,
  • The signature of the person making the request

If a request is made in person, the person making the request will be required to present a valid government issued identification and fulfillment of the request can take up to 2 business days. Requests for records of students who have reacher or exceeded five years from the date of graduation or intended graduation should review the ““Transcripts Request”” page of the District’s Office for Technology and Information Services. FERPA & Your Student’s Records The District School Board of Pasco County and Cypress Elementary School abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, commonly referred to as FERPA (Code of Federal Regulations-2003-Title34-Vol34-Vol1-Part99). Please review the simplified brochure explaining FERPA and your rights as a parent, student, and receiving school: FERPA Public Notice Brochure. The following is an excerpt from the brochure: “The primary rights of parents and eligible students under FERPA include the right to: inspect and review education records, seek and amend education records, and have some control over the disclosure of information from education records. An educational agency/institution may disclose personally identifiable information from a student’s education record without prior written consent of the student’s parent or eligible student if the disclosure is: a) “directory information,” which is information contained in the student’s education record that would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed. Directory information includes: student’s name, address, telephone number (if listed), date and place of birth, dates of attendance at an educational institution, name of most recent, previous educational institution attended, major field of study, grade level, diploma, degrees, awards and honors received, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams, and photograph(s). Parents who object to the release of directory information on their child(ren) must notify the school principal, in writing, within fifteen days of receiving this notification. This should be done on an annual basis. b) to “school officials”, including teachers, who have a legitimate educational interest as determined by school board policy. c) to officials of other schools or post-secondary institutions in which the student seeks to or has enrolled.”FERPA Public Notice-August 2008, Student Records. Land O’ Lakes, FL: District School Board of Pasco County, 2008.

FNS Classroom Celebration Request. Celebration treats are available to purchase for your child’s class to celebrate their special day! These foods are Smart Snack approved and will be delivered directly to your child’s classroom.
Publix Mini Cupcakes also meet the USDA Health School Requirements.
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