Business and Community Partners

Business Partners  

teasCypress Proudly partners with local businesses to enhance our educational, family involvement, and community projects.  Each of our partners has generously pledged by donating time, goods/services, and monetary contributions.

Riverwalk Publix

Culver’s Port Richey


Business Sponsorships

Cypress extends our gratitude to the Daughters of Penelope, Eros 356 for sponsoring our Pack-A-Sack Program.

Community Partnerships

We realize that not all families and businesses are able to form a yearly partnering commitment.  You can still be a vital part of our School Community.  We are always accepting cash donations and certificates used for student/staff/volunteer incentive, reward and appreciation.

Fence Banners

Quick, easy advertising!  Bring us the Fence Banner and $200.  We will hang your banner on our fence for 1 year!   CLICK HERE FOR more information.

Questions about Business and Community Partners?  Contact Debbie Hemby 727-774-4500